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Posted by on Oct 20, 2014

Basketball Captains Report – Week 3

Well, well, well.. The GSV basketball season has snuck up on us once again! Amidst the chaos of exams, end of term and just the pure anticipation of the summer to come, this year’s group of Michael-Jordan-wannabes have delivered the goods so far!

Our basketball youngsters have blown us away with their numbers of participation
; Badders entering 4 teams in this season’s junior competition. Although their enthusiasm and give-it-a-go attitude isn’t quite transferring to the score board, our A team had a convincing win against Melbourne Girls. There were a lot of stand out players this round including Prim Laurie, Liz Abbott, Louisa Fletcher and Hana McLennan

First of all; a shoutout to the huge number of Intermediates who tried out for GSV Basketball this season –

you’ve made your basketball captain pretty proud
. Last week saw some very close and.. not so close games between all LGS intermediate teams. Word on the street is Sarah O’Sullivan, Ahinsa Gunatilaka and Tara Dubijevic played particularly well. Two of the opposition teams played the mercy rule on our Laurie gals (if you’re lacking in bball lingo, that is when the difference in scores is more than 20 points so the winning team only defends from the half way line). But I have no doubts that it will be Strathcona who will be begging for mercy against our Laurie Legends on Wednesday!

 Both our senior teams are blitzing the competition at the moment
. The pressure is on for our A team on Monday night who play Strathcona for a place in the grand final next week. Unfortunately the A team will be without their “young gun” Monique Tarrant who scored a half-time buzzer beater last week. The B team are showing a lot of promise for the rest of the season despite Kaya Murray’s ankle injury late last game. Murray was “accidentally” tripped by a Loreto player but the B team soldiered on, one woman down, to bring home a 13 point victory. Elise Ashley and Sophia Amerena were stand outs in this competitive clash.

Well that’s a wrap up from me, stay tuned for more!

Caylie McDonald



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