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Captain’s Report

I am Julie Chong and I am really excited to be your Sport Captain this year. I have been at Lauriston since kindergarten and have been involved in sport all throughout my time here.  Whether it was footy day in kinder, to egg and spoon races at the Blairholme races, to Districts in athletics and swimming, to tennis lessons on Friday afternoon, to aerobics, running club, GSV sports and carnivals and also netball, hockey and Ultimate Frisbee outside of school, all of it was an absolute blast to say the least.

From all the years playing sport, I have learnt so much about the importance of persevering, teamwork, communication, leadership and sportsmanship as well as meeting lots of wonderful new people.  I can remember back in Year 2 when I had my first game of netball, I was so scared and nervous that I practically refused to play, but with a lot of encouragement from my mum and coach, I decided to give it a shot.  Netball didn’t grow on me until quite a few months later and I became much better and was not scared or frightened to walk out on court, but instead excited and up for the challenge.  I improved a lot over the next couple of years and ended up making rep teams, which I never ever would have thought about a couple of years earlier.  Without a little bit of perseverance and working on my skills, the enjoyment out of netball and the somewhat 8 years of fun wouldn’t have existed.  The teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship that came along was a bonus to all the fun that I had.  During my year as Sport Captain, I really hope I can encourage other girls so they can enjoy similar experiences to me as they learn and have fun!

For all the Laurie girls out there, I just really hope you are getting involved, whether it’s recreational or competitive, it would be great to see as many girls as possible participating and giving it a go, even if it’s your first time or you’ve been doing it for years.  I would love to encourage girls of all ages to try new things, whether it may be gymnastics, netball, or maybe some obscure sports such as ultimate frisbee or fencing.

I really hope you’re enjoying sport as much as I am and a part of your everyday life because it’s crucial for our well-being, fitness and general happiness. Happy sporting!

Xoxo, your Sport Captain for 2017/18

Julie Chong