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GSV Diving


There are 3 Girls Sport Victoria Diving competitions held in the season:  The Preliminaries (which are used to seed schools into 3 groups of 8 for the Championship competition), The Championships and the Finals Evening.

At each event separate competitions are held for Juniors (Years 7 & 8), Intermediates (Years 9 & 10) and Seniors (Year 11 & 12).

At the Preliminary and Championship events divers perform 3 dives:

  • The first dive must be one of the following: 101 (Forward Dive), 103 (Forward 1 ½ somersault), 105 (Forward 2 ½ somersault) or 107 (Forward 3 ½ somersault)
  • The second and third dives must be completely different dives from different groups, with the following exception;
    • a dive can be repeated from the forward group, but it cannot be the same dive as performed in the first dive.
    • E.g. 101A 1m/ 201 A 1m/ 102 C 1m
  • Dives may be performed from either the 1 metre or 3 metre board

Following the Championships, the ten best divers in each Division (Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors) qualify for the Finals Evening.  At the Finals Evening divers are required to complete 4 dives from at least 3 different groups.

GSV also holds training meets (known as ‘PB Meets’) prior to the Preliminary Finals to offer girls the opportunity to experience an inter-school diving competition in a relaxed format.


Congratulations to the Lauriston Diving Team on winning the Division 3 Diving Championships at MSAC on Tuesday, March 20th 2018.

Our Senior team won all three divisions with our Captain, Daisy Upfal, taking out the Senior ‘A’ competition.  Our other two senior divers, Charlotte Sorger and Ellen Ho, won the Senior Divisions ‘B’ and ‘C’ respectively.

Our Intermediates finished 7th with Amelia Zhu finishing 2nd in Division ‘D’, Millie Evans 4th in Division ‘C’, Janet Wang 8th in Division ‘B’ and Tamara Howden 7th in Division ‘A’.

Our Juniors finishes in 2nd position with Lucy Hurley winning Division ‘D’, Holly Irving winning Division ‘F’, Isabel Bulach taking 2nd in Division ‘A’ Stella Duncan 2nd in Division ‘B’, Claudia Cameron 2nd in Division ‘E’ and Lauren Wu 3rd in Division ‘C’; an out standing team effort.

For a table of School Results click here.

For full individual results from the GSV Division 3 Championships press here.


Congratulations to Daisy Upfal and Charlotte Sorger who both qualified for the GSV Finals Evening; they were among the top 10 Senior Divers in all 24 GSV Schools.

Further congratulations to Daisy who finished second in the Senior Competition; a great achievement for a Year 11 student.  Well done!!!