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Posted by on Oct 30, 2014

Field Cricket Captains Report: Senior Cricket Grand Final Game

Wow. Where to begin? Perhaps with the fact that the Lauriston Girls’ School Senior A Field Cricket team are GSV CHAMPIONS Y’ALL!


What an exciting day
. We arrived at the lovely Stanley Grove reserve well before our PLC counterparts, and so decided in favour of tucking into our expansive (and very healthy) picnic. Full credit goes to Eliza Gannon for her phenomenal home-made dips, and to the Pyman clan for a brilliant batch of brownies!

After a while, there was the general consensus that maybe a warm-up would be in order, so Lauriston got out on the ground and sharpened up the already sparkling fielding skills.

 Once PLC arrived, things really got interesting. It was no longer acceptable to loll around in a circle with our delicious feast, and the official Victorian Premier League umpires asked us to actually get down to playing some cricket. With a win of the toss, LGS was off to a great start, and elected to field first on what was rapidly proving a decidedly warm afternoon.

 If I may say so myself, Lauriston seemed to have the upper hand from the get-go.

Some magnificent bowling pair from the dynamic duo of Tracey and Steph Chong
proved to be the downfall of three PLC wickets. With the stumps being knocked all over the place, great fielding efforts from all Laurie gals had the run rate and batsmen under significant pressure. I’d like to think our clinical ‘walking in’ and ‘talking it up’ played a part here also.

 Next, we had a spell of beautiful bowling from Gen Pyman, her four overs inspiring, as well as four from her partner in crime, me (Olivia Brown).

With Muz (Ms Murray), Mrs Varmalis and of course Badds cheering us on from the sidelines
, was there any chance of bed performances? I think not. Before the innings were out, four more wickets had fallen, and Charley and Liv were quietly positive that their attractive broad-brim cricket hats had made all the difference on the day. Many cartwheels, a tradition of this fine side, were also in order!

 Now the batting ordeal commenced. With a reasonably modest yet still potentially insurmountable total of 62, PLC were still firm contenders in this epic match. Olivia Brown and the inexhaustible Tracey Chong kicked off the proceedings of our chase. With a four in the first over and a few comfortable singles, things were on the up. You may all rest assured that the heat of the afternoon was not lost on those donning helmets and full padding! Nevertheless, we pushed on. Tracey was critical in keeping the run rate quietly ticking over, until she was unfortunately caught behind to a sterling delivery from PLC’s star opening bowler. Not to worry, Tracey was duly replaced by her older sister and former Cricket Captain, Steph! (Special mention must here be made of the fact that Steph played in a GSV Grand Final only hours after sitting her final VCE English exam- STEPH, YOU ARE OUR IDOL!)

 With more than half the innings to go, the singles kept flowing, and the Lauriston batting line-up became more settled in their approach to the accurate and commendable PLC bowlers. Steph Chong’s concentration was infallible, with many singles and the odd boundary chucked in their just to keep things interesting. After, a much-deserved drinks break, and Liv having to tie up her shoelace on-pitch, mid-over, for about the fiftieth time, it was confirmed that the staid Lauriston attack had conquered the challenge that was the PLC spearheads. 


 What a season! Each training, each match, there has been an immense amount of positivity and support from all players. Sure, there have been times when studying for 3/4 or IB exams may have seemed more time effective than standing around in a paddock getting sunburned…but hey! We’ve stuck it out, guys, and I think I can say with a good degree of certainty that it has paid pleasing dividends. I’d just like to quickly mention all those who played for Lauriston in the A team throughout the season, and in today’s Grand Final:

(in alphabetical order so no-one feels rejected)

Steph Aitken- Provider of the Cheds biscuits.

Bridget Ball- What a rager the bus ride home was!

Steph Chong- You are my idol

Tracey Chong- Legend, need I say more?

Tiff Copeland- What. A. Dive.

Simone Costello- Siiiiiim :)

Eliza Gannon- OMG. Your dips were SO bad.

Bella Happell- Resident team baker.

Jacqui Jiang-  Always walking in (yes, I noticed).

Nina Lloyd- Hope you got to babysitting on time…worth it, right?

Charley Lupson- Our hats will never die. Good luck in Psych tomorrow!

Gen Pyman- I told you it was talent, not luck!

 And to our wonderful coaches, Bruce (Mr Robertson) and Ms Guinea, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE EFFORT YOU’VE PUT IN, and all the weights training you’ve done on our behalf, carrying the kit bags from the library to the bus. We love you!

 Lauriston girls, seriously, if you don’t turn up at Indoor Cricket come Term 1…I. Will. Be. Very. Disappointed.

 Your Cricket Captain, Liv Brown xx




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