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Posted by on Mar 27, 2015

Indoor Cricket Captain’s report

This indoor cricket season has been, I would say, simply phenomenal. We have fielded five teams across three GSV divisions, and all have proven competitive, enthusiastic and to have big appetites. This is a crucial component of any cricket team, because it is incredibly important that the refuelling process after such heavy exertion begins not only straight after, but also during and before the game. Fortunately, all teams have come together to provide sustenance and support throughout the season, which I think is really just testament to the strong cricketing culture developing throughout the Lauriston community.

The season kicked off with early morning training sessions, marked by shouts of ‘heads’ emanating from the gym as our batters terrified their teammates. Soon enough, however, game time came around, and it was off to Oakleigh and Northcote in order to find the sweaty, noisy indoor nets. I was lucky enough to coach the Year 8’s in their first round, where some talented year 7’s were in the net next-door playing their first ever game of indoor cricket.

Both teams recorded strong victories, which was a sign of things to come as each group of girls posted encouraging results throughout the season as a whole.
The A team made semi-finals which is a sign of things to come!

In the Intermediate side, we had a group of Year 10’s fresh back from Howqua and thus fit and firing for their first term of Armadale sport after the year away. All girls showed dedication, and the team won all matches until the penultimate round, when losing to the deserving Sacre Coeur. The Inter girls are to be commended on their season, because I know from dropping by at the girls’ training sessions just how hard they worked and just how much fun they had. Congratulations on a great season!

And now we come to Seniors. Coming out of both indoor and field cricket championships last year, the senior squad were confident about their prospects this season from the word go. It was unanimously accepted, however, that much work was to be done to progress beyond the group stages and conquer the mantle that is GSV senior indoor cricket. Within the first few trainings, two powerful squads had been determined and the season was underway. Both the 1’s and the 2’s played in the A division, and proved themselves to be leaders in the zone. There was some unfortunate timetabling that required our teams to play one another, but all girls took this in their stride, using the match as an opportunity to refine some skills and provide support to all teammates, no matter whether batting or bowling.

Throughout the zone games, it became quickly evident that LGS1 were firing on all cylinders. 
After one particularly memorable occasion when Lauriston had the opposition score a net negative score for the game, and had results altered because the GSV system can’t input such totals, we knew that we were on track to a repeat of last season. There were hiccups, however, and the semi-final delivered one of the most intense innings ever experienced by the hardened Year 12 cricketers. With some inspiring and consistent performances from girls with the bat and ball, however, we pushed through and came out victorious. The stunning hat-trick of Georgia Hinton and Ella Baxter’s blinding catch were especially notable.

We then had a short 15-minute interim before the commencement of the grand final, the final game of GSV cricket ever to be played by nine nervous Year 12 girls. We had, however, the calming presence of Tracey Chong and Ella Baxter, and some fantastic crowd support from captaining predecessor Steph Chong as well as the lovely Mrs Varmalis and also Ms Burns. Many parents were also in attendance, willing our girls to a big win. In the end, however, the crowd support would mean nothing unless we could produce the goods on the pitch. Winning the toss and bowling first, Lauriston was up early in the game. The opening pair made just 19 runs, which is low by any standards. Lowther would have been expecting higher. The next batting pair made a 20+ score, but Lauriston was still ahead. Now, our opposition brought out the big guns, and their last two batting pairs made strong contributions of 42 and 36 respectively. Going into tea-time, the Laurie gals were fully aware of the task ahead; in the semi-final, Lowther had produced a strong bowling performance to keep Sacre Coeur to only 87 runs.

Lauriston came out with the bat to vitriolic bowling from the Lowther girls- they are a bowling side and they knew it. Our first pairs, Charley and Caylie, then Tracey and Ella,  posted commendable and above-average scores. Yet the pressure of such a game still hung over the heads of the next four girls up, who nervously donned the white cotton gloves and fought about who would have to face first. After the third pair, Steph and Gen, we needed just shy of thirty runs to win- not by any means impossible as a target, but significant nonetheless.

Georgia and I had consistently posted scores above sixty throughout the season, but that was forgotten as we walked into the arena that is Oakleigh Court 3.
Tension was high and refused to dissipate even as the Lowther girls sent fielders to the back net and the first ball was swept away for a casual two runs. Throughout the next four overs, the chances of Lowther pulling back the Lauriston girls diminished, and it seemed highly likely that we would pull out a victory. I still didn’t look at the scoreboard until just into the last over- we bat how we bat no matter the score. The cheering was immense and all Lauriston girls felt, I am sure, the support radiating from our sideline crew. I now felt it prudent to see if our current run-rate would secure the win, and was slightly allayed to see a score of 130 emblazoned beside Lowther’s 126. After a few more balls, it was nigh on impossible for Lauriston to lose, and upon sealing the victory many cheers rang out around the Oakleigh stadium. We celebrated with a fantastic and superbly delicious feast both at the centre and on the way home in the minibus, ably driven by our indefatigable coach Mr (Bruce) Robertson.

In conclusion, it has been a wonderful season full of drama, victory and, most importantly, laughter at our skills (or perhaps lack thereof) in the cricketing arena. All girls have shown themselves to be dedicated and valuable members of their respective teams, and I could not be more proud of the enthusiasm imparted upon GSV indoor cricket by Lauriston girls in this first term. Congratulations are in order for every member of every side, and I expect to enjoy a very strong outdoor cricket season come next summer!


Olivia Brown

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